Friday, October 24, 2008

A trip to the firestation for the cubs, and a plea for prayers

October is National Fire Safety Month so for our pack meeting this month, we met at the firestation. My hubby is District Chief of a local department, so we chose to go to his department for our meeting instead of the small one here in town. So..we met at Fire District 12 with our pack for some fire safety learning and fun! It's fun for me, b/c I know them all so well, they're like our extended family, so I love to see the kids having fun with the guys.

Here are some of the drawings we got from our boys:

We also had a fire safety poster contest, they boys did awesome with their drawings. The winners recieved some fun prizes to use in future Scouting adventures.

Capt. Pierre went through fire safety with the boys. This man was MEANT for this job, he's great with the boys, and gets all the information they need in while staying on their level. Op Matt put on his gear for them, and showed them what a firefighter in gear looks like, so they know not to be scared, and Op Kyle also put on his gear, so they could hear the noises that the air mask makes, so they wouldn't be scared of that either.
Then the boys got to go through the safety house, which is a mobile unit, equipped with a house, that they can fill with smoke and show the public how to react in case of fire. After that, their FAVORITE part, Op Clint let each child got to spray the fire hose!!

We finished up with a tour of the trucks and each boy got some goodies to take him with them. We'd like to thank Fire District 12 for the awesome job that they did for our pack!!

Fire Safety is VERY important. Here are some fun things for your children to do while learning about fire safety. Some other things that you and your family should make sure of:
  • plan an evacuation route in case of fire
  • place emergency contacts where your children KNOW who to get in touch with in case of emergency
  • check your smoke detectors often, a good way to KNOW your batteries will be good is to change them with daylight savings time changes
  • practice fire drills
  • visit your local fire station, they will be happy to show your children around

I don't often ask pubically for prayers, but this week I found out someone very close to me has terminal lung cancer, and I would like to ask that you remember him in your prayers.

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