Sunday, March 20, 2011

Showing Big Red

Today was Sarah and Red's first big day together. They did two schooling tests at Amen Corner in Folsom, doing Intro A and B for their first time at a show. They did very well, scoring a 62 in each test, very respectable for a cautious rider and a trail horse come dressage boy. We are VERY proud of how hard they are working together!!
I wanted to share both videos with my darling Denise, but it took me three hours to load just this one...but I do have some photos to share as well.
Here is Intro A

For those that don't know dressage, you are basically competing against your last score. It's about bettering yourself as a rider and your horse learning to carry themselves in a proper frame, and you being able to get them there. They enter at a certain speed, turns must be a certain way etc. It's a big change from his trail world, but he seems to enjoy all the attention.

Now for some photos. He spent the night there last night, as they schooled yesterday and he got all spiffed up. He seemed to enjoy his night in the stall surrounded on each side by girls...our Red loves the ladies, he was chatting them up those mares.

This is hard for him, to stretch down like this while he's walking on....he did awesome today, the best I've ever seen him do..this is called a free walk

Two kindred souls these two men of mine

Working SO hard together, I love to see this, it makes me so proud!

and the two of them with their ribbons!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Happy Birthday Big Red!!

Today was our Darling Big Red's 10th birthday!!

For his birthday he and Sarah got a dressage arena (of sorts) built in the upper pasture so that they can practice more. It's not fancy, but it gets the job done. Thanks to Highlands for the donation of the markers, and to Daddy for helping her measure it off and mark it.
They are working hard getting ready for Sunday's show. I tell you guys (the three of you that read my blog) I've never seen this girl ride as hard as she's ridden this week. She's been on him at least an hour hard work daily this week, practicing her patterns and balance. They are working together as a team now, and you can see how much their hard work is paying off.
He's looking great, red horses are lucky, the sun only makes them more beautiful. His coat is coming into a good sheen and he's fat and healthy. We ARE blessed Denise that you brought him to us, and we thank you daily.
So...the girls and I sang Happy Birthday to him over his dinner, and put a birthday hat on him and embarassed him (secretly he loved the attention) then he got his birthday hose down (which he ADORES) and some birthday clover and ate his dinner with his favorite girl of the four legged variety. I promised Denise some photos, so of COURSE I shall be forced to show him off (not like I don't constantly post photos of them).
Here's my Sarah working hard on her arena:
We had to cut some branches down to make room for her head.

Measuring out the dressage arena;

The birthday boy posing with his girls, in his homemade hat and some beads, which he also wore all afternoon to ride, he's so goofy.

And then..his baby girl is having a birthday Tuesday, so he shared his hat. He loves this child because she always has food.

Then, because he really DOES have to work..they practiced for about an hour and a half in the new area

And a birthday hosing (no point in giving pigpen a real bath), but a good hosing is great for all that sweat.

And YUMMMMY birthday clover

and to finish off his day, he had some after dinner hay with his best girl...who he bit right after I took this photo...she was hogging his spotlight.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sarah and Red

We are wiping Winter away around here...and shaking out the cobwebs.
I'll admit, this winter hasn't been the best for us and riding. Hacking around has been fun, but Sarah and Red have work to do....if she plans on showing.

They went today for a lesson at Highlands, working towards their first scheduled show at the end of this month. Lazy girl + lazy boy equals horsey mom who will have to buy some blunt spurs so that lazy child can get lazy horse to show some impulsion. Won't hurt him, just get him motivated....big ole lazy oaf.

It's sweet to see her loving on him though, she put his new cooler on him after hosing him for the ride home and was oohing over him being soooo cute moooom, as she said.

THEN..there's the love of his life Flicka, who was dying at home without him. A mile down the road she heard Jamie's truck and went to calling her lost lover boy. I took him back in and the love fest began, just plain ole goofy, a gelding and a moony mare.

SO..wish my boy and girl luck in their show, and enjoy the pictures of them. I'll get some riding pics next week.