Thursday, October 2, 2008

Love in the eyes of a horse

With the exception of humans, never in my life have I found an creature I loved more than a horse. To me, walking into a barn is therapy. I'd sooner pick a stall clean or polish a saddle as most anything in the world. Recently, I have found someone who shares that love, and also happens to be my daughter.

Sarah and I could spend our lives in the barn. No need to ride, just to commune with the horses is all we need. BUT..she does ride. Weekly we make our trek to the barn, she rides, I take pictures, play with horses and kitty cats, and wish I could have my own stall there with a gorgeous gelding nickering for me daily. After a few different horses, she seems to have found one she likes riding (we don't own our own horse).

Dibbs is a doll, he's got spunk and character, but he's a love and takes care of Sarah. I've seen her riding come around some since she started riding him - although she still lets her brain get ahead of her body and THINKS instead of just riding.

When you're on a horse, it's not about you brain, it's about your hands, your legs, his mouth and two hearts and brains working as one. If I could hand down ONE thing I know about horses to my gorgeous daughter, that would be it. I pray she realizes it, and that this love sticks with her.

So..I thought I'd share some pictures of her, I'm always sharing Gabe and Abi's accomplishments, and Sarah is JUST as special and important to me, so she deserves some blog space too!


Mata Family said...

Awesome pictures!! It is so great that you have found something Sarah loves and that you can share in it with her!

Just me and my thoughts said...

I think it's beautiful that you and Sarah have something so special to share with one another. Horses are such beautiful, graceful animals. It's great that Sarah has found something that she loves so much.

Tabatha said...

What a wonderful hobby Sarah has, great pics too Heather.