Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Life from the outhouse...one cake and one real!

What a great weekend, and BUSY!! We went camping with the cubscouts, but first I helped my awesome sis out with my BIL's 50th party and made her some food and a cake! I have to say, my sister is SO level headed, b/c the cake fell over on the way to the hall, and she CALMLY fixed it, I'da prolly freaked out. I guess the stake wasn't driven far enough into the bottom board. She fixed it though, with giggles of Katrina - izing it by putting a blue tarp on it, although I don't think she actually had to go that far! I've been promised an "after" picture, but here is a "before" for you.

The story goes, Greg does these fun gifts for us for Christmas, and the outhouse is part of it. He might kill me for posting THIS picture!!

He is SO normally calm and peaceful, but MAN does he have a wicked sense of humour! That outhouse is in their yard, it's their pump house, hence the cake being an outhouse. FUNNEST cake ever for me I think! For you cakers, it's 1 1/2 12 inch cakes cut into 1/4s and stacked, with foam core between each two layers. The board is fondanted and dusted to TRY and look like concrete. It's not perfect, but it's cute I think. It's all buttercream except the top, which is fondant, and all the color is airbrushed on. I just marked the lines with my bench scraper.

And NOW for camping!

We had a great time!! Sleeping in a tent with Abi is TOO funny. At 2 am on Friday night, she was walking around the tent going wooo....do you see my shadow.....it was hilarious, but not. Let's say the next night I took some "help" to get to sleep, and Abi's shadow didn't bug me at all.

Our boys got to earn lots of beltloops and they had a blast. We had lots of help from our parents, and all in all it worked out. The OUTHOUSE part of the trip, the BATHROOMS BACKED UP Saturday night, NOT good with 50 people, but we made it. AND..the water was cold cold in the showers, but again, we made it. The boys played, and did skits and played and fellowshipped, and all in all it was a great weekend. We even managed to cook all of our meals together and eat together, which I think is so important for the boys!!

I'll share pics of that later, I have to resize and all. We all looked so great in our new yellow activity shirts, and I'm thrilled that after just ONE year and 2 months in existance our boys have come so far!! My heart and soul goes into that pack, so it means the world to me to have them do well, and hurts me if people say negative things about them, so I was so pleased to have them so well recieved by everyone, and see the families working together towards such an awesome goal.


Tabatha said...

What a cool but funny looking cake idea. Sorry it fell apart. Camping sounds fun besides the toilet backing up, gross.

Heather said...

Well, it stayed together, the whole thing just went backwards off of the board. So she just stood it back up!

Heather said...

The idea and the cake is awesome Heather. Bummer about the real outhouse backing up wow i can only imagine. Kinda makes me miss girl scouts lol.

Heather said...

Thanks Heather! I saw an after last night, it wasn't bad at all.