Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Passing on the "I LOVE YOU THIS MUCH" award

My beautiful friend Sharon at www.sugaredblog.blogspot.com gave me the
"I Love You This Much" award.

As is common practice in the world of blogging, I'm passing it on. Michele is a friend that is DEAR to me. For so many reasons I love her blog, it's dynamic, and real and has beautiful pictures and one of my favorite boys in the whole wide world in it!

SO..I pass the I Love You This Much award to Michele simply for her beautiful heart and spirit!

Monday, September 22, 2008

A shameless plug for my son's Pack!

Anyone wanna buy some Cub Scout Popcorn? We are selling popcorn to help pay for our boys to go to camp! We are a small pack, but each year we try and make it where we make enough money for our boys to go to camp for free, it makes them feel so good to know they earned it! (That's Gabe in the Spongebob shorts with his best bud!)

Scout camp teaches them SUCH awesome things that I feel like it's a great thing to raise money for. If you'd like to help our pack out, you can go to www.orderpopcorn.com and use his order key: TEZWTP8 (you'll have to type it in most likely, it doesn't like copy and paste for some reason). My personal faves are the butter light microwave and the caramel corn with nuts.
We thank anyone who chooses to purchase, and understand if you choose not to or can't, no pressure from us at all, just wanted to give those who wanted to order the opportunity.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

The reason I do cakes!

This past weekend I had four cakes, TWO of them were for my awesome nephews. Sometimes, I wonder why it is I do cakes, then I see them with their cakes and I KNOW why it is.

There is nothing more wonderful than a sweet child enjoying seeing their birthday cake for the first time, nothing more awesome than the thank you of a sweet boy, either over the phone or a kiss full of red icing.

Makes all the messes, late nights and messed up idea worth it! Zayne is 3, amazingly, and Marshall 1 (such a sweet age), and here are some pictures of them enjoying their cakes. My sister sent me the picture of Zayne since I couldn't be there, and I took the one of Marshall .

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Today, I take a moment of silence

I know that to everyone 9-11 is a painful day of memories. As the wife of a firefighter, I take it personally when members of our "family" of firefighters are lost, and as an American I take it personally when any citizen of the United States' life is given so little value as on that day.
The only hope we can glean from 9-11 is that it has brought our nation together in prayer for our Armed Forces, for our leadership, and for the families of those that were lost. So today I ask that everyone observe a moment of silence and say a pray or two for those people.
This week in school my children are studying freedom, and politics, and my son asked me today what "freedom" really was.....they take for granted what they are given, what they consider "God given" rights, rights that so many don't have. He listed for me those things and was in awe that people fight for him to have those rights, it was a very touching moment in the life of this mom and her 3rd grade son. I pray that some day ALL children have the luxury to feel that freedom.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Ike is looking good for us so far

But still praying for everyone involved!

Saturday, September 6, 2008


I've been following Ike for a few days and I have to say he's not a big fave of mine. Let's all pray his path FIZZLES. I don't want anyone else to have it, but I don't want it either. Praying for all of the Gulf Coast.
Here's the offending member himself.

Spa day for the girls...sharing cakes with friends...

Well, the pupper and the oldest girl! You'll notice in the first blog I did Ms Sarah had LONG LONG hair, well, after many crying and trying mornings we've gone to a modified shorter sleek do! Then, Ms Molly Polly had to have a bath and a brush out from her evacuation for Mr Gustav. Just thought I'd share my two girls looking so smart!

And..on sharing cakes with friends. THE reason I started doing cakes was for my beautiful sister. For her wedding I made probably the worst cake I've ever made (it even got messed up on the way there) and her beautiful soul treated it like the most wonderful possession she'd ever been gifted with. Wedding cakes, in our family, are a special thing. Our Aunt previously made our cakes, and we lost her soon before Brandy's wedding. So...where this is all going. My love is to make cakes for people as a gift. This past month I was able to do just that for a wonderful person who is expecting her first son, and it made me happier than two flies in a puddle of Georgia cane syrup. Tricia is a friend I met on the internet, and Little Lennie is to be their first son's name. A beautiful person inside and out, it gave me great job to make a cake for her. Along with her cake I made some cookies with these cutters, gifted to me by Sharon, and thought they were TOO adorable not to share also. Aren't friends the most beautiful things?

Friday, September 5, 2008

To live is to blog....

Or so it seems. Seems these days, everyone has a blog, so of course I'll jump in with both feet. As my children grow, it seems so much changes so quickly, maybe this way we can keep up with them!

Who am I? A stay at home mom of three, who LOVES her children, but is glad when they go to school. Proud wife of a firefighter, constant supporter of his endeavors.

Where can you find me? Most days, in my kitchen baking and decorating cakes http://www.heatherscakes.com/ or behind my camera bugging my kids to death taking pictures. If I'm not there, I'm SLAVING for Sharon http://www.sugaredproductions.com/ over at the SugarEd shop.

So...it's a short first blog, but I promise to come up with fun and interesting things for us to share! I leave you now with some pictures of my MOST beautiful creations!