Saturday, October 18, 2008

Playing Indian, Scarecrows and the police!

We've had a BUSY week!! Lots of pictures to share of all. We've had Indians, and Scarecrows and Police, OH MY!!

Today was dress up day at the barn, for Halloween, and Sarah decided to make Dibbs and Indian horse. I didn't get to get pictures of her wearing her costume, but when I got there she and Martha Ann were taking turns riding him bareback, so I did get a shot of her on him then. Thought I'd share her fun for the day with you guys.

During the week this past week Gabe's teacher asked me to help them make a scarecrow for the front of the school for their classroom, so early Monday morning one of the other student's uncles and I set about our first scarecrows ever!

She's raising her hand to ask a question, how's THAT for being a good student! The kids enjoy being involved in these projects, I just wish they had gotten to help more, but we had to do it while they were in class learning.

After school on Thursday we had our Bear meeting for the week. This week, Folsom's finest came to visit us. Chief Killingsworth and Sgt. Magee are two officers from our local PD, and we were lucky enough to have them come talk with our boys about safety, and about the jobs that they do as police officers. They did a GREAT job with our boys, and we thank them for the time they gave us, the boys loved it!

While we were doing our police unit, we taught our boys about fingerprinting, and printed them all as an activity.

If you have NOT had you child fingerprinted for the national database, let me take this moment to suggest that you do. It's such an awesome tool for police officers should your child be kidnapped or run away or be lost. You can contact your local police station for details on having this done. You can visit this website to order a free at home kit, and then have it registered:

We hope you are loving Fall! Have a wonderful weekend, The Truetts!

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Tabatha said...

Great pics, yeah I need to get my kids fingerprinted...Thanks for the reminder.