Sunday, May 24, 2009

Ballet...a love story

Ever since she could talk, Abigail has asked to be in ballet. In the town nearest ours we are very lucky to have a studio that teaches JUST ballet. Classical, beautiful, artful ballet. Haller Ballet was founded 81 years ago, and is still run the the same family as founded it. Lelia Haller was a beautiful classical ballerina, and her daughter and granddaughter try to maintain that heritage.

So...when Abigail turned four, the first thing she asked was, can I have ballet lessons now? Of course we allowed her to. SUCH a different experience than when Sarah did it, she was not interested in the least. Abigail LIVES for Mondays, ballet days. She's first there, last to leave if she has her way.

For months all we've heard is about her recital, and how she was going to be a swan. Last night she had her recital, and MAN was she excited. At 5, every little girl is so adorable in a white feathery tutu, and Abigail was no exception to that rule. I don't know if she was more excited about dancing, or having big girl makeup on - which they have to wear on stage, in very vivid colors!

Luckily for me, a very nice gentleman who is a real photographer set my camera so that when I got to the front of the house from being backstage help I would be able to take pictures in the dark with no flash. I thought I'd share those.
Rehearsal that morning, learning what it was like to be on the stage:

Dancing her beautiful little heart out...she was SO in awe of it all.

And her handsome brother and gorgeous older sister, who endure an hour of ballet class a week so that she can be happy (so they keep reminding her).

Thanks for sharing our little stars moment in the spotlight!! She had the MOST wonderful time, and keeps looking at her flowers and saying "Mom, when's my next recital?"
I think we have an addict!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Happy Late Mothers Day!

To me, moms day is about OUR Mothers....not about me, so we spent our weekend with my mom and Jamie's mom. On Saturday, we went up to see my mom, the kids had a blast swimming and Ms Sarah made a crafty project with her maw maw (they share that love, and talent, of craftiness). I brought Mom a big beautiful flower, but being there in her craftiness made me think of what we would make for my mother in law (and we'll go back and make for Mom now that I had the thought to make them). Our crafty gifts, and YES, I realize there are mispelled words, one is my fault, one the childrens.

Although I did bring my camera to Mom's, I forgot to take any pictures.
On Sunday, we headed over to my mother in law's house for a visit with Granny.

The boys and I (the boys being husband and father in law) cooked fish and the works, to go with the side dishes that my sister in law and I had already prepared. The highlight of the day was getting to see the kids...and hold our newest kiddo in our family, Miles Henry.
(this is a picture of my sister in law holding Miles, who is her nephew)

My nephew in law Mike is great at baseball, so he spent the afternoon helping the boys with their pitches and hits while the other kids played around.

My gifts for mothers day are always with me, day in and day out, and they are the type that keep on giving (even if sometimes what they give is grief). I praise God each day for them, they are wondrous gifts these children.

I hope that YOU had a great Mothers Day also....I hope you have a great EVERY day!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A couple pictures of the kiddos doing their thing...

Was just downloading the camera, and realized it's been a while since I've posted any pictures of the kiddos doing their things.
What are their things? Well....Gabe's thing right now is Baseball, that's what Spring and Summer bring to our house. Sarah's thing, morning, noon and night, day in, day out, is horses. Today, we did both!

We'll start with Gabe. He tries at baseball, he loves it, but he's not the BEST player ever. He DOES have fun though, and that's what it's all about. A proud moment for him last night, he got his first run of the season (we're only 2 games in) AND batted a fellow runner in!! I am scorekeeper for his team, but I did manage this one kinda cool shot through the fence.

Sarah, as I've said, loves her horses. Well, they're not hers for real, but in her mind they are ALL hers. She rides Dibs every week, and does well, and enjoys him, but today was up for a change. She rode Rex, who is a lovely Thoroughbred, in temperament and looks. They did beautifully together and made me right proud! They did have one snaffu, which ended Ms Sarah in the dirt, and Mr Rex checking to make sure she was ok, but she made me proud and got back on! I got a few pics of her riding him. Even Elizabeth (her riding teacher) commented how well she sits him. I guess my lifelong love of horses makes me so happy to see her love we share that bond. are Sarah and Rex, and Rex's pretty face. I find him to be so friendly looking. (AND..we STILL love you Dibs!!)