Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Today, I take a moment of silence

I know that to everyone 9-11 is a painful day of memories. As the wife of a firefighter, I take it personally when members of our "family" of firefighters are lost, and as an American I take it personally when any citizen of the United States' life is given so little value as on that day.
The only hope we can glean from 9-11 is that it has brought our nation together in prayer for our Armed Forces, for our leadership, and for the families of those that were lost. So today I ask that everyone observe a moment of silence and say a pray or two for those people.
This week in school my children are studying freedom, and politics, and my son asked me today what "freedom" really was.....they take for granted what they are given, what they consider "God given" rights, rights that so many don't have. He listed for me those things and was in awe that people fight for him to have those rights, it was a very touching moment in the life of this mom and her 3rd grade son. I pray that some day ALL children have the luxury to feel that freedom.

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SugarEd Productions said...

Thank you for making me stop and remember. What a tragic day that was.