Thursday, September 18, 2008

The reason I do cakes!

This past weekend I had four cakes, TWO of them were for my awesome nephews. Sometimes, I wonder why it is I do cakes, then I see them with their cakes and I KNOW why it is.

There is nothing more wonderful than a sweet child enjoying seeing their birthday cake for the first time, nothing more awesome than the thank you of a sweet boy, either over the phone or a kiss full of red icing.

Makes all the messes, late nights and messed up idea worth it! Zayne is 3, amazingly, and Marshall 1 (such a sweet age), and here are some pictures of them enjoying their cakes. My sister sent me the picture of Zayne since I couldn't be there, and I took the one of Marshall .


~Chele said...

Your cakes ROCK! I seriously wish you could make my kids cakes! Wanna come to Japan? LOL Your nephews are CUTE!!!

Heather said...

OOH, i'd LOVE to come to Japan!
I'd so love to do your kids a cake too!

Mata Family said...

Great cakes! Sweet looking kids! What a great Aunt you are!!

Christine said...

Great Job!!
I will go to Japan with Michele!! LOL
You are so talented!

Tabatha said...

Your so talented Heather, your cakes amaze me.

SugarEd Productions said...

what sweet boys!

You are the bestes auntie ever!