Sunday, March 20, 2011

Showing Big Red

Today was Sarah and Red's first big day together. They did two schooling tests at Amen Corner in Folsom, doing Intro A and B for their first time at a show. They did very well, scoring a 62 in each test, very respectable for a cautious rider and a trail horse come dressage boy. We are VERY proud of how hard they are working together!!
I wanted to share both videos with my darling Denise, but it took me three hours to load just this one...but I do have some photos to share as well.
Here is Intro A

For those that don't know dressage, you are basically competing against your last score. It's about bettering yourself as a rider and your horse learning to carry themselves in a proper frame, and you being able to get them there. They enter at a certain speed, turns must be a certain way etc. It's a big change from his trail world, but he seems to enjoy all the attention.

Now for some photos. He spent the night there last night, as they schooled yesterday and he got all spiffed up. He seemed to enjoy his night in the stall surrounded on each side by girls...our Red loves the ladies, he was chatting them up those mares.

This is hard for him, to stretch down like this while he's walking on....he did awesome today, the best I've ever seen him do..this is called a free walk

Two kindred souls these two men of mine

Working SO hard together, I love to see this, it makes me so proud!

and the two of them with their ribbons!!

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Pat said...

Well done Sarah and Red !
Look forward to seeing you go from strength to strength! xx