Sunday, May 8, 2011

The patience of Jobe....four legs and a tail....

We have decided perhaps Red's name should have been Jobe. That boy is such a sweetie, a babysitter for my girl, and has the patience of Jobe.
Yesterday they had their first jumping show, very slow going, but she is just learning and was very nervous. He of course took great care of her, very careful to make her confident.
They did 2 jumping classes, and two PreCaprilli tests for dressage. Two fifths, a sixth and a seventh ribbon were brought home, which although that's not top of the class, for a first jumping show I was proud of her for just getting out there and doing it.
They scored their personal highest in dressage, which made her smile, and made it clean through their 2nd jumping course...had a refusal in the it was a very positive day for all.
Mom is tired, so not very witty or wordy, being the groom is HARD work I tell ya. So here are some photos for ya!
We also had a blessing of the horses, which was wonderful. God has given us these awesome creatures, entrusted us with them....

The blessing: Look at all of those gorgeous creatures

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Denise said...

What a thrill to see Red with ribbons hanging off of his bridle....he does have the patience of Jobe and is as sweet as he can be.