Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sarah and Red

We are wiping Winter away around here...and shaking out the cobwebs.
I'll admit, this winter hasn't been the best for us and riding. Hacking around has been fun, but Sarah and Red have work to do....if she plans on showing.

They went today for a lesson at Highlands, working towards their first scheduled show at the end of this month. Lazy girl + lazy boy equals horsey mom who will have to buy some blunt spurs so that lazy child can get lazy horse to show some impulsion. Won't hurt him, just get him motivated....big ole lazy oaf.

It's sweet to see her loving on him though, she put his new cooler on him after hosing him for the ride home and was oohing over him being soooo cute moooom, as she said.

THEN..there's the love of his life Flicka, who was dying at home without him. A mile down the road she heard Jamie's truck and went to calling her lost lover boy. I took him back in and the love fest began, just plain ole goofy, a gelding and a moony mare.

SO..wish my boy and girl luck in their show, and enjoy the pictures of them. I'll get some riding pics next week.


Anonymous said...

how many horses do you have now? Love the sunflare with the horses. That's really cool!

Heather said...

Nat, we have the two, Flicka and Red. Red came to us from a friend in Texas last year, and quickly became Flicka's best buddy. Thanks about the sunflare, oddly it's just a cell phone pic, but it was pretty neat I thought as such.

Pat said...

Good luck in the show.. love the photo of the two horses together xx