Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A triumph for Sarah!

Well, I've said it before..a BAD day at the barn is better than a good day doing most anything else...when you're a horse loving 9 year old. That being said, an AWESOME day at the barn is just stellar!!

Sarah loves to ride...which if you read my blog with regularity you know well. This summer and fall she rode Dibbs, and quite enjoyed him, till one day they had a falling out (which ended in her falling off). Well..she became scared of Dibbs, and he knew it, and she began riding Clyde (who is just God's gift to timid children riders). Clyde is a sweet boy, and she does great on him, and she loves him dearly...this is Clyde.

BUT..today, Clyde was feeling under the weather, and it was either go home, or ride Dibbs, so ride Dibbs she did. She had a great ride, and he was SUCH a super sweet stellar boy, I'm proud as peaches of them both. I also have to give kudos to Elizabeth, Sarah's riding instructor, who CONTINUES to tell Sarah that she can do it, even when the fear takes over the brain that God gave her plenty of!

Saturday she has a show, so I'll update then..but for know, just a few pictures of my horse loving girl and the horse that helped her gain her confidence back!


SugarEd Productions said...

Way to go Sarah! I am so proud of you! beautiful pictures too!

Jacque Benson said...

Beautiful pictures...Bravo Sarah!

Heather said...

Thanks girls!

Mata Family said...

Way to go Sarah!!! Great pictures!