Friday, February 20, 2009

Racers...start your engines!!

Oh...that's right, Derby cars can't have engines! Last night was Pinewood Derby for our Pack. I love these events with the boys. The boys build cars with their fathers, and then we all meet to race them.

The boys get to compete in two categories, "Show and Shine" and "Derby". This year, a wonderful volunteer built us a new track to use for our Pack. Thank you Mr Danny for your hard work, you are very much appreciated.
The event was great fun. Our boys did an awesome job building and racing their cars. A successful scouting event is not one where ONE person wins, but one where EVERYONE wins. Everyone wins by being a good sport, and doing their best - and our boys are very good at that.
I must proudly add, as his mom, that Gabe won 2nd place in the show and shine division. ALL of the cars were really wonderful though.

Gabe's buddy Max took first, and MAN was his car fast! Shows that sometimes, simple is the way to go, Max's car wasn't fancy, but it raced like lightening! Here's a photo of our three winners:

Max's is the black and green car..the shiny blue car took 2nd and the white 3rd. Sadly, I don't have a picture of the Show and Shine winners together,
but Gabe's is a firetruck (of course!!)

So...I leave you with just these pictures, AWESOME cars everyone! If you'd like to see more pictures, please visit our Pack website:


Victoria Cargill said...

Gabe congratulations on second place. The fire truck was a great idea. My brother did this for 3 years many many years ago and I never once seen a fire truck I alway seen race cars ... Great Idea. You and Dad did a great job. Good Luck on District Race cant wait to see how well you do there.

Jen1002 said...

WAY TO GO GABE! Show them who's boss in the district race :)