Sunday, June 28, 2009

Krista's wedding

What a beautiful bride!! I'm so proud of Blake and Krista, and may God bless their life together. This weekend, we carried a wedding cake over the meadow and through the woods (really, 150 miles) for their wedding. I have NEVER carried a wedding cake that far. GOD BLESS STRESS FREE SUPPORTS!!! Everything went off without a hitch (well, other than the "hitching" of the bride and groom) and I couldn't have been happier.
Krista chose her cake a year ago, from a cake done originally by Carlos Bakery (now famed on TLC's Cake Boss). With a few changes to bring her pink into play on the cake, we wound up with a design she and I were both happy with.

With the awesome help and guidance of my bestest cake bud Sharon, who came to help me while she was working on a really secret important cake, we got them covered in fondant and decorated for delivery fairly easily - which I NORMALLY freak out about wedding cakes (no, I didn't make her stay and decorate, just help me do the fondant). It was very cool, b/c when Sharon left, I had four nicely covered flat white pallettes to work on, and I started with the draping on the bottom tier and worked my way up, I love to watch the cake build. The cake was very basic in flavor, just white cake with almond icing for the brides cake and yellow cake with fudge filling and icing for the grooms cake.

We were in such a hurry b/c we were rushing to get dressed that I did not get very good pictures of it, but hopefully the photographer will send me one through Krista.
Thanks everyone who listened to me stress over this cake!!



SugarEd Productions said...

Bravo! Exquisite! Yay to sucess!

Jacque said...

Oh my gosh... 150 miles!!! You are so brave!!

Congratulations, your cakes turned out wonderfully. So pretty too!

Brooke said...

That is a pretty cake, and geez, sounds like an adventure getting it there.

Cynthia said...

You did an awesome job heather!!

Laura Weber said...

That cake is beautiful! You are so talented. I feel good if I use a box mix and make my own frosting. :)