Monday, October 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Gabe and Welcome Big Red!

What a week we had!
This week, my boy turned 10!! Amazing to me since it seems yesterday they told me WOW Heather, he weighs 10lbs 5 a minute old!
For his birthday we went out to Bogue Chitto park in Franklinton near our home for some fishing and fun. A simple day, spent with family and friends who feel like family. The catch for the day was Dad 2, Sarah 2, Gabe 1 and Mr Clint 1....combined weight of less than 1 lb for the lot of them!
Thanks to all that came out to spend time with us, we enjoyed you all immensely!
Here are some photos to share from the day!

The big catch of the day!!

My beautiful Joy and her boy Colby

A spider in a web (no, really, it's Sarah)

My baby girl Abi

We also added a new member to our family this week. Dashing Big "Red" came to live with us. Red was a gift to us from Denise, a wonderful woman I know from caking. Red needed to slow down his pace in life, and he is a perfect mount for my timid Sarah to pursue her riding on. She jumped right on him and took off..which is NOT her style.
Red lived part of his life as a race horse, and was retrained. Although he is a quarter horse, he's got a lot of thoroughbred in him, which you can see in the photos to come.
We are pleased as peaches to add him to our family. Ms Flicka has adopted him as her own, and is madly in love with him (unless he tries to sneak in and take a bite of her food). Denise loves Red dearly, and it was her love for him that helped her decision to bring him to us....and we shall continue his life in the style he is accustomed to, SPOILED!!
Some photos to share for you...

My beautiful Foo girl...I will always say she amazes me. She's come so far in so little time this girl. And God bless her, she was sharing her hay with Red.

Red and Sarah, she's in love to the hilt. They were having a love festival...her with Red and he with the treats she had in her pocket.

Now..before you say anything, YES she's barefooted...she was just hacking around not really riding. I did make her put on my helmet.

And..yes I'm in sandals, we had just come home from Gabe's fishing excursion...

So..that's our week~ Life never stops here in our house, but it also never stops being blessed.

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Pat said...

Happy birthday, Gabe!

Beautiful horse, Heather - and glad to hear he's fitted straight in. I just know he's going to have a wonderful life with you xx