Saturday, October 3, 2009

Catching, cakes and all that jazz

It's been a busy month, no time for blogging. We've been scouting, schooling, birthday partying and all that jazz.
The big event of September was Gabe's birthday. Celebrating their birthdays is bittersweet to me. It means they've achieved another wondrous year of life but it also means they've gotten another year older on me. I love my kiddos, at all ages, but I do love babies. There are NO babies in this house anymore!
So..on September 29 Gabe turned 9 big years old! Nine years of wonderfulness, filled with lots of moments of pure Gabe (which is grouchy at times but mostly great). He's growing into a fine boy, as tall as his sister who beats him in age by 21 months. For his birthday we decided to just celebrate with a friend, so we took one of his buddies to play laser tag, and then had some cookie cake with family. The morning of his birthday I was coming in from an over night event and stopped in for donuts here in Folsom (the best donuts to be found I hear, although I can't eat donuts while dieting). SO...we celebrated his birthday morning with a candle in a jelly donut, much to his amusement.

So with that, his cookie cake, and cupcakes for school and scouting, I'd say he got lots of goodies (and kept his mommy hopping). He also INSISTED we put a candle in his chicken breast that night at dinner, goober boy!
On with our Sarah update...Sarah's event of the month had to be attending the Arabian Nights show. It's a show done to raise money for a children's literacy program. All of the proceeds benefit this program, as it is run by volunteers. Lots of interesting riding done. A beautiful display by a local dressage rider named Ann Hornbeak as well as a reining demo by another local, Nicki Smith. These guys really impressed me:

Ann and her horse, who danced to the music doing dressage movements effortlessly.

Nickie and Catfish, who is superbly trained and ridden

A little cowboy trick riding!

Taking a bow!

I think this impressed the kids the most!! Jumping through the ring of fire!

The star of the show. This show centers around reading. Featuring the book "The Black Stallion" by Walter Farley (an incredible read if you haven't read it, there are about 22 books in the series)

Another big thing in Sarah's month was to start riding a horse she truly loves. Maggie is an adorably sweet mare that boards at Highlands where Sarah rides. Maggie's rider has been nice enough to allow Sarah to ride her for a while. Maggie has changed Sarah's who riding personality, she's becoming the confident rider she was before slowly but surely. Sarah also participated in our local fair with some breads and a craft, earning herself some blue ribbons.

Ms Abigail...since starting school her personality is beginning to come out. This month Jamie and I visited her classroom to do a fire safety presentation. She was SO cute, telling her class she was "show and telling" her daddy.

Ooh, I promised cakes too huh. Well, I will admit, I've made a few, but only took a picture of this one and the cookies that went with it.

SO..that's our little update. Not very fancy, not very bloggy, no life changing experiences, but, it's our life! Hope you enjoy the photos!


SugarEd Productions said...

beautiful pics, family, animals and cake!

Mata Family said...

Loved the pictures! Happy Birthday to Gabe!

Pat said...

I did enjoy the update.

Happy 9th birthday to Gabe, I loved the candle in your chicken :)

Well done to Sarah on your ribbons!

and mom, fancy only taking photos of one cake! I love looking at your mouth-watering artistic cakes. I shall have to be satisfied with the one. Loved the cookie touch, that was brilliant :)

Heather said...

Thanks so much everyone. Patt, I really wish I had gotten one of another of them, it was pretty cute, but alas, I did not. (I also wish I had gotten a picture of Sarah's bread and wreath)