Sunday, May 24, 2009

Ballet...a love story

Ever since she could talk, Abigail has asked to be in ballet. In the town nearest ours we are very lucky to have a studio that teaches JUST ballet. Classical, beautiful, artful ballet. Haller Ballet was founded 81 years ago, and is still run the the same family as founded it. Lelia Haller was a beautiful classical ballerina, and her daughter and granddaughter try to maintain that heritage.

So...when Abigail turned four, the first thing she asked was, can I have ballet lessons now? Of course we allowed her to. SUCH a different experience than when Sarah did it, she was not interested in the least. Abigail LIVES for Mondays, ballet days. She's first there, last to leave if she has her way.

For months all we've heard is about her recital, and how she was going to be a swan. Last night she had her recital, and MAN was she excited. At 5, every little girl is so adorable in a white feathery tutu, and Abigail was no exception to that rule. I don't know if she was more excited about dancing, or having big girl makeup on - which they have to wear on stage, in very vivid colors!

Luckily for me, a very nice gentleman who is a real photographer set my camera so that when I got to the front of the house from being backstage help I would be able to take pictures in the dark with no flash. I thought I'd share those.
Rehearsal that morning, learning what it was like to be on the stage:

Dancing her beautiful little heart out...she was SO in awe of it all.

And her handsome brother and gorgeous older sister, who endure an hour of ballet class a week so that she can be happy (so they keep reminding her).

Thanks for sharing our little stars moment in the spotlight!! She had the MOST wonderful time, and keeps looking at her flowers and saying "Mom, when's my next recital?"
I think we have an addict!!


SugarEd Productions said...

Beautiful little angel!

And OMG where did Gabe go? he looks all grown up!

Laura Weber said...

She is SO cute and looks like she loves ballet! :)

Jacque said...

Ooooh, my! Is she the cutest little ballerina every, or what?!?! You must be so proud :)

See, that is so unfair for us mothers of boys only, LOL, not only do we never get to go into the "pink aisle" in Toys-R-Us, but we don't get to share pictures of our little ballerinas. Waaaaa!

The Mason Bunch said...

Your little prima balleria is precious in her costume! I also have a little girl that's hot for ballet. This was her first year in ballet as well and like you, we had to be the first ones to show up and the last to leave. One day, she was so tired & began crying because it was time to go. Thinking something was wrong, I asked her what was the matter? She responded with tears rolling down her cheek that she didn't want to leave, she just wanted to dance. Now, she can't hardly wait for ballet to start up again. Her 4th birthday is next month & we found a ballerina birthday theme from Celebrate Express, she fell in love. You'll have to check out my blog, if you would like more information for your little ballerina.