Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Our Easter!

We had a laid back Easter this year!

The Easter bunny was good to the kiddos, we went to my hubby's parents' house for an egg hunt, dinner and to spend time with family.

The Easter bunny is good to them!!

I had my own personal Easter bunny (well, she also sent to the kids and Molly) in the form of my Secret Pal. This is a little fun group that is a small part of a forum for cake decorating I belong to My Secret Pal has always been great, and this year is no different. I opened a beautiful package (with a label that always has a photo our our Molly on it) to find three BEAUTIFUL Easter plates, as well as goodies for the kiddies and Ms Molly herself) Sarah (my oldest child) has written a note to my secret pal, but does not seem to understand the SECRET PART, and is impatient for me to mail it. I promise we'll save it for the end of the year!

Ms Molly's collars from my SP

Goodies for the Kiddos!

Aren't my plates beautiful!!

Some more pictures for you:

It's UNBELIEVABLE that this child is five now!

I said, ACT like you like each other....really they do.

What a beautiful young lady my Sarah is becoming.

The kids and I dyed eggs Saturday night, while Dad worked on his homework. (CONGRATS Dad on another hard earned A!!) Being the cake decorating mom I am, I didn't buy egg dyes, and just used cake dyes, for all you cakers out there, THIS DOES WORK!! The kids love to write on the eggs with white crayons first, then dye them, so that's how we did it. Sadly, I was heping dip eggs, and got no photos of them in action, but did get some of their gloriously bright colored eggs (which Gabe seems to be eating all by himself).

Easter morning arrives, and at 6am I hear from the 8 year old cynic, "The Easter Bunny really is real, mom wouldn't have left all this mess around the table". Seems the Easter Bunny tracked in some leaves and knocked over the dog's food in his haste last night. Proudly, I can say, they did NOT glut out on candy. They've actually still got most of it left, BUT, the goldfish and raisins they have demolished!

On to Granny's for an Easter hunt. (well, let's be honest, it's really for the cornbread dressing she always makes!!) My kids have gotten really good about letting the little kids get most of the eggs, with just a LITTLE griping on their part. They looked so cute in their comfy but nice Easter clothes, I took a picture or two for you. Granny grows the nicest flowers, so I caught all the girls trying to pick them (which Granny does NOT allow on rose bushes!).

The Whole Gang (or at least those that could make it)

Hunting the elusive "special" egg that did NOT exist!!

Checking on Granny's roses.

LOOK at this look she gave me. Abi with my young nephew, who is just adorable.

I hope you enjoyed our Easter as much as we did. Keep watch for photos of our Easter Dessert..which was our Daring Bakers challenge for the month....


Brooke said...

Ahhh! Great Easter Springish pics! The kiddos are getting so big!

Mata Family said...

What great pictures!! Looks like it was a fun Easter!!