Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Dancing through life, on horses and foot...

Well, seems it's once again been a while since I've been here. Computer was down for a while, and I can't blog from my phone. Life has continued to go along at it's crazy pace - some fun and some not so fun, but that is to be expected.
Tonight I thought I'd share some photos and a few sentimental antidotes, if I can get to the sentiments without tears.
I realized I never shared my beautiful dancer Abigail. She has as much passion for her dance as Gabe does his scouting and Sarah her horses. She had her first big recital earlier this year, and I caught some lovely photos of her (for being in the back row, no flash and manual focus). She makes me so happy when she dances because she's so free and happy.

And then on through the summer, off to my favorite place on Earth. I can't believe I didn't blog any of this. The beach is MY happy place, so I dance for joy there. Topsail Hill is Heaven on Earth for me, it's freedom, happiness and joy for me.

See, "in a hole" does not always mean a bad thing.

nor does, digging oneself out of a hole (mind you I was dancing around him singing, so, you gonna clean your room NOW mr?)

Your IT DOESN'T HAPPEN OFTEN photo of me

SHE is a beach bum like her mother. We could live on the beach Abigail and I

Check this out: her first time at Topsail, Summer of 1996

and my child who is quickly becoming a young woman, she's so beautiful, but her growing brings me to tears often.

Then there was Gabe's Arrow of Light for Scouts, is how he soars...

A beautiful day at Five Lakes, swimming and learning, building and sharing....in other words, Scouting.

Although he appears distressed in some way, he's honestly listening to the Top of the Mountain story that Standing Buffalo tells.

And well, for those of you that ask me if Harley can fly with his ears, no, but he can with his feet!!

And finally, a few horse photos. Sarah's version of the dance involves a saddle. Proudly she won "most improved rider" at her barn this year, Highlands Riding Center. She has come far from the timid rider of last year, and is working hard on two horses that are NOT easy horses. She makes me proud because she seems to understand now that is about the horse, not the rider.

Mom and Flicka with Sarah. My mom led us to Flicka, for which I will forever be grateful!

She and Red having a pregame conversation.

Flicka and Sarah, her first show!!

and our boy, having a blast doing his favorite work, with his favorite girl

There we go, all caught up till Christmas.

I hope you all enjoy your holiday. Remember that it's Happy Holidays, that it's CHRISTmas....that there is a real reason for us to celebrate.

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Pat said...

Wonderful to see an update on you all and some gorgeous photos too!
Yes, that includes the one of you :)
Wish you and your family all the best for Christmas and the new year xx